We are pleased to announce a new partnership with a leading electric vehicle transformation innovator for classic sports cars, Retro-EV Oy. Our aim is to engineer a completely new type of EV-battery cooling solution based on Lennahc Oy’s patent pending Hybrid Channeling (HC) technology. Our timetable is tight and we are looking to do the design/manufacturing/testing/live -cycle in less than 50 days for the pilot.


The relationship was launched by running straight into tackling a key issue with contemporary EV’s – precise thermal management of the battery system during the rapid charging cycle, in any weather.


In the picture below, Michael M. Richardson, CEO of Retro-EV, confers with Pedro Vilaca co-founder of Lennahc Oy and inventor of HC together with Arju Shekh, designer of the EV-cooling solution. They are reviewing the pre-manufacturing cooling solution mockup to make sure all the connections will fit into the tight space of the Retro-EV “PowerPod” battery pack housing.



Lennahc Oy is a world leader in applying Hybrid Channeling technology to applications like Electric Vehicle Battery performance improvement. Hybrid Channeling is also enabling liquid cooling of Power Electronics. Hybrid Channeling is a patent pending technology developed in Aalto University and all the inventors are part of the founding team of Lennahc Oy.

Retro-EV Oy delivers the world’s finest EV transformations of authentic classic cars from the 1950’s – 70’s. By combining contemporary EV Systems Integration with proprietary technology developed specifically to adapt EV drivetrains to a wide variety of existing vehicles, Retro-EV is leading the way in bring the best of both the timeless design and modern automotive technology world’s together with these iconic, zero-emission, future-proof classics.